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About us

Miracle Haven is my garden
and the delightful inspiration behind this ever-evolving enterprise.

I love textures, layers, sheers and whimsy. I suppose
it's this ecclectic mix of passions and a twist of fate that launched the business of Miracle Haven.

In 1990 I studied pattern design & clothing construction at GCC. I
poured my passion into sewing wedding gowns, home decor and custom clothing for local clients.

In an odd twist, I took a hiatus from clothing design to help manage my husband's rock-n-roll band, which had suddenly become quite popular. Sandwiched between booking tours and promoting album release concerts, I expressed my pent-up creativity by transforming every inch of our front and backyard into garden. Through the medium of plants and flowers, rather than fabrics, I expressed my love of texture, sheers, whimsy and life!

The band eventually outgrew my help, but my experience with them awakened a newfound
love of event promotion. It seemed only natural to host an event, in our garden, and promote my return to the world of "seamstress-ing" .

Just in time for Christmas 2001, I opened my garden to the public for the first "Miracle Haven, Garden Tour & Craft Boutique". By 2006, word spread about the event and over five-hundred people visited to wander through my whimsical garden. It smelled of flowers, fresh-baking cinnamon rolls and spiced apple cider. In three days, visitors spent more than $8,000 on sweet rolls, fudge, handmade ornaments, wonderful bath & body items, soft baby blankets and gifts - all handmade by myself and local Artisans!

I loved preparing and promoting the event each December and decided to expand.

On April 13, 2007, "Miracle Haven, A unique Boutique & Bistro", opened in the downtown Glendale shopping district. We aspired to create the same comfortable atmosphere that permeated my home and garden during the original Garden Tour & Boutique. Every item in the shop was handmade by local Artisans and at the end of 2008, we added a Bakery to
welcome the enticing fragrance of fresh-baking cupcakes and cinnamon rolls to the shop.


> Video: How To Plant a Sunflower

> Video: Cupcake Tutu Tea Party

The garden in our new location was small - really more of a glorified "border" - but we accomplished a few lovely things, like growing patches of giant sunflowers and enormous zuchini squash for shoppers to take home.

Miracle Haven was well received by local news media and shoppers. I enjoyed meeting hundreds of wonderful, new clients!

> Video Archive: Early-days/ AZ Fox 10 interview at Miacle Haven

Our staff and artists celebrated with clients as they enjoyed meals in the cafe, experienced a Cupcakes & Tutu's Tea Party, were pampered on Girl's Nite Out or received help purchasing gifts for friends. Our staff, artists and clientele were delightful and created great memories!

>Photographer Erin Mcfarland captures a Garden Tutu Party at Miracle Haven

On the final day of November 2009, I made the heartbreaking but necessary decision to close the downtown Glendale location of "Miracle Haven" due to health complications that led to difficulty in operating it successfully.

A friend and fellow entrepreneur encouraged me to think of the moment as the closing of a chapter, rather than an ending of a book.

And so I did.

In late 2011, after two years of physical therapy, I eagerly began to work in my personal garden again. I am slowly bringing the original Miracle Haven Garden back to life; and for fun, I completed the "Master Gardener" training through University of Arizona. I'm making it my mission to help others enjoy all things "garden" in Arizona.

This year, through MiracleHavenGarden.com I'll offer garden classes/labs, tips, photos, "how-to" kits and booklets. I plan to promote local events through the site, as well.

I love being practical with the knowledge and talents I've gained and look forward to sharing.

Welcome to our adventure and I hope you'll visit our website often to shop, learn and see how we continue to grow!


Kristi Caggiano
Owner, Miracle Haven
Shops In The Garden, LLC
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